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Sphynx kittens

We have kittens (new litter - 23.03.2017)

New litter 'G' - 24.08.2013, five kittens available for sale New litter 'G' - 24.08.2013, five kittens available for sale Male. Color: white agouti

About cattery

Welcome to a Sphynx cats and hairless Baldwin guinea pigs cattery 'Space Hunter' located in Republic of Belarus, Minsk. If you are looking for a truly wonderful pet, then you've come to the right place. Sphynx Cattery 'Space Hunter' is for you. For more than ten-year history of our cattery, we have accumulated great experience in breeding of Canadian sphynx cats. Our kittens win high awards at various prestigious international exhibitions and show.

We are member of the Belarus cat fanciers' Association «Felinolog», the member of FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline).

'Space Hunter' CatteryCanadian Sphynx is a special breed of cats, they are smart, playful, very affectionate and funny. Also they are very sociable, love human attention. They prefer to sleep in our bed and be on your hands. Your pet will give you a lot of fun, you'll be spending a lot of time playing with them and watching his 'crazy' antics.

We breed very beautiful elite hairless kittens of perfect quality. Our Canadian Sphynxes kept in excellent conditions; they are protected from a variety of stresses and negative environmental influences. All kittens are bathed, their ears always cleaned and nails clipped from a very young age. Countless hours are spent on education and care for the kittens, so that they will be fine your friends and bring many happy moments. Once you see these wonderful creatures, you'll love them forever.

We feed the cats with high quality food (Hills, etc.) including natural products, provide lots of toys and our time. All Sphynxes grow as true family members, never kept in cages or separate room, so they are fully adapted to move into a new home to new owners. The cats are regularly examined by a vet, they have excellent health.

We offer a kittens that are purebred Canadian sphynxes in 4 generation, they have absolutely bald skin with a lot of wrinkles and folds, well-proportioned head with large ears and large expressive lemon shaped eyes. In our cattery there are always kittens of rare and traditional colors (black, blue, chocolate, lilac, black and white) for breeding, for participation in exhibitions, or just as a pet.

'Space Hunter' CatteryThe kittens are ready to move into a new home at the age of 12-16 weeks. By this time they will have all the necessary vaccinations, they are accustomed to the litter tray, scratching post and do not afraid of swimming. If necessary, kittens that are sold as pets can be spayed or neutered before leaving our cattery. Our animals live in different countries: Russia, Lithuania, Poland, England, Belarus and Ukraine.

We always keep in touch with the new owners of our kittens. We can assist, give practical advice on further education and keeping, so that animal and you feel comfortable together. For more information about the breed, keeping, feeding please contact us via phone or email, or refer to the appropriate site pages. We will also be glad to answer any questions in the guestbook.

We are looking for responsible new owners for our kittens, which will ensure a happy life for their pets!