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Hairless Baldwin Guinea Pigs. Keep, care, feeding

About breed

About breedIf you or your child is allergic to wool of guinea pigs, do not despair. There are several breeds of hairless guinea pigs. Baldwin Guinea pigs are completely bald!

Hairless guinea pig is a unique breed. They were first discovered in the laboratory over 30 years ago for dermatological experiments. Nobody could have imagined that two American Crested cavies accidentally produce such a handsome! But it happened this way: the breeder Carol Miller from San Diego, California, crossbreeding the White Crested cavies got a spontaneous mutation. The pigs born were quite ordinary at first glance. But a week later, two of them began to lose hair around the eyes and the snout first, and then - throughout the whole body. After a while, it appeared that the absence of hair is the only difference of these two pigs from their congeners – they grow in the usual way. Therefore it was decided to crossbreed the same Crested cavies. And the same pigs were born again. Breeder began to sell a new kind of guinea pigs, and some time later, pigs were named Baldwin («bald»).

Baldwins of one month age completely lose their hair, except for the mustache. Baldwin skin feels like a soft rubber and forms the folds around the body, especially on the legs and tummy. These are unique animals, perfect in its beauty and with a very strong personality. They have beautifully shaped ears hanging down freely, looks like the rose petal.

Keeping and care. Feeding

Keep and care. FeedingBaldwin care is almost the same as for the common guinea pig. The difference is that Baldwin should be bathed regularly. You should bath the animal careful to protect ears from water, and protect eyes from detergent. It is recommended to use soft pH neutral shampoos for babies or shower gels. It is better to apply the detergent on the skin with soft sponge or washcloth, rinse the animal with water after soaping, wrap in towel and grease the Baldwin with soft oil, but the frequent use of oil is not desirable. In general, Baldwin skin care can be compared with taking care of our skin. Also you should always trim the claws of Baldwin with special scissors, clippers (available at pet stores).

Baldwins should not be affected by a strong temperature gradient and direct sunlight. It is recommended to dress these animals if the air temperature is not very comfortable. Hairless guinea pigs in this sense are like babies.

A house or a small rag bag should be place in Baldwin cage, where he will sit and warm himself. In this case it is not necessary to provide a special temperature for him, room temperature comfortable for you is enough. To protect against hypothermia a little box is enough for Baldwin due to ability to produce heat. He warms the box with his body heat and will not cool. It must be remembered that Baldwins first of all are pigs, and only secondly – hairless.

Taking care of them, we must adhere to conventional rules, as if you cared for usual hair animals. Baldwins have more rapid metabolism, as compared to animals with hair, and they consume more food and water, as well as more active, so they generate heat to maintain body temperature. This leads to that the cage should be clean more often. Baldwins should be fed as normal guinea pigs. You should provide continuous access to water, hay and grain mixture in unlimited quantities for your Baldwin. It is also recommended to feed the pig with fresh grass 1-2 times per day. The grass should be washed and dried.

You can put pellets in the cage corners (they will absorb moisture) and fill the cage bottom with soft sawdust of medium size in order to avoid corns on animal feet. All of this can be purchased at any pet store. Baldwins eat three times more than other guinea pigs. The reason is simple – to keep warm. Therefore it is necessary to clean their cage more often.

The most important difference of Baldwins from other guinea pigs is their rarity. It is quite difficult to buy them, but if you're lucky enough to get Baldwin – you'll be happy because it is hard to find more grateful and loving animal!
If you are allergic to animal hair, the breed of Baldwin guinea pigs is for you! Holding the Baldwin in the hands at least once you experience the incredible feelings!