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Sphynx Cats. About breed

About breed.Sphinxes are creative, inquisitive nature, love changes and come to the delight of every innovation. Playful temperament and hyperactivity are other features of Sphynx cats unlike other breeds. In my opinion, communication with the human is the most necessary and important thing for Sphynx. It is best described by the statement of the French cat breeders, who are fully emphasized the inner and outer face of the Sphinx: "The Sphinx is a part kitten, puppy, monkey and a child in a one bald body".

Sphinxes are of medium size with a surprisingly heavy body. Males are usually smaller than females. The shape of the head is wedge with prominent cheekbones and whisker pads. The body is warm and soft, with a texture like a peach. Sphinxes have a nice character, loving, intelligent and love to be stroked. Head length is slightly greater than its width. The skull is slightly rounded with a flat section in front of the ears, the nose is straight.

The ears of Sphynx cats are large. They are wide at the base, open and upright. The interior of the ears has no hair. The eyes are big, lemon shape (wide at the middle and tapered at the edges). Eye color is various. The body is medium length, hard and muscular with broad rounded chest and full round abdomen. Sphynxes have an elegant, flexible and long tail. The tail length is proportional to the body.
Sphynx cats look hairless. The short, soft hairs may be present on the legs, outside of the ears and tail. The skin is thick, folded, especially around the muzzle, between the ears and around the shoulders.

Due to the lack of the coat, which usually absorbs body fat, sphynxes need periodic care – bathing and ears cleaning. This is not a difficult task, if a cat has been accustomed to it from a childhood (the kittens from our cattery meet these requirements.)

About breedSphynx breed was allowed to take part in competitions and championships of Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in February 2002. Fans and breeders of Sphynxes believe that it is one of the most rare and unusual breed of modern cats.

Prices for Sphynx cats usually depend on their pedigree. Usually breeders start to sell their kittens in the age of 12-16 weeks. After twelve weeks, the kittens are vaccinated, at this time they obtain physical and social stability which is needed to move to a new home. The necessary conditions for maintaining a healthy, long and joyful life of our kittens are: enough room for kitten life, regularly examination by a vet, well-timed spaying or neutering, the presence of scratching posts, providing nutritious natural food.

These animals will not leave anyone indifferent. Who had to deal with Sphinx once, will never get the other breed cat. Hairless cats are the unique world natural heritage.

At all times bald cats was referred to the sacred animals and they attributed magical properties. It is believed that hairless animal gives its coat for the heating of his owner.